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If you're planning a Fall wedding, don't feel compelled to style it on the nose. You should exercise freedom and creativity in the season without over emphasizing it with pumpkins and gourds and maple leaves... You get the idea.
Here is a compilation of photos that I found to share with you from A Practical Wedding, online that covers some basics when it comes to rethinking and restyling for Fall weddings. Take a look.
Orange decorative items can get old very quick. Add to that, you run the risk of turning your nuptial dreams into a Halloween nightmare. Not a great idea. So, if you're going to be using an orange color palette, it should be extremely minimal and be mixed with other colors for an ombre look.
Dressing your bridesmaids in a variety of colors and styles can eliminate the heaviness of a single block of color. Fall is heavy enough. Lighten it up with gauzy fabrics, textures and different colors.
Back to the orange thing. If orange works with what you're doing, do something unexpected and choose citrus for the orange element. In this case, you can see that miniature pumpkins WERE NOT USED. Tangerine escort cards give you the splash of color, but the fruit lifts it from the dregs of Halloween to something beautiful and fresh.
If the struggle is to give an avant garde wedding some Fall spirit, don't shy away from pumpkins altogether. Choose white ones. Or, for something really modern, get any pumpkin and spray it bright colors or metallic.
I think a lot of people overlook the abundance of apples when it comes to the Fall. They're just as timely as pumpkins without being Halloween-y.
Nothing warms the heart and nails the season as perfectly as apple cider doughnuts. Get these and serve these at your wedding! Your guests will love you all the more than they already do!
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