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Sometimes a little chase is good.

No, this isn't a game of cat and mouse, but let the man do the chasing. As women we sometimes have the tendency to be the chaser and all the while the man we are running after happens to be chasing someone else he has his eye on. If he's interested, you'll know. I wouldn't necessarily say play hard to get, but don't give your love away so easy. A person has to earn your love before they're granted access. It's not a race. Take your time.
It's such a cliche phrase, but we all know "what's meant to be, will be". In order to make the guy you're falling for notice that you're worth a little chase, these three things [seen below] as told by should be implemented into your daily routine. Let him know that you're desired by others, but he happens to be the only one you're interested in. Make him think. The more he thinks, the more he will realize that you are worth it all.

1. Don't make him the main event until he's earned it.

"Your Friday and Saturday nights are sacred. When a new guy asks for a prime-time date early on, suggest drinks and make him the warm-up. If he sucks, you still have a night with friends, and even if he's awesome, your iCal is brimming — and that's a turn-on."

2. Admit that you get hit on.

"I once told a date, "I love what you're wearing!" She replied, "Aw, thanks. I've gotten so many compliments on it. Yours means the most though!" She didn't need to tell me guys were hitting on her — my imagination went there anyway."

3. Let him know your exes haven't totally moved on.

"It's powerful for a guy to know your exes have regrets. But be indirect. Say, "My friend is upset about a breakup. I told her he'll wind up trying to get her back. That's always been my experience." You'll get his attention stat."

Follow these three steps and see if the chase pays off.

Remember, you're worth the catch.
thank you!! same to you @BiblioLady
@BiblioLady great!! you & me both :)
I will give these a try :)
Does this apply to guys if she's the one who ended it? Lol
@jordanhamilton good luck!!! :)