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YG Entertainment head, Yang Hyun Suk previously expressed his endearment towards BIGBANG in a sit-down interview in August, expressing that he has no contractual disagreements when it comes to the group. In an interview with Newsen on October 4, Yang Hyun Suk once again demonstrated his affection with BIGBANG, nonetheless he publicly announced that their contract with YG Entertainment will end next year. “I HAVE SPENT NINE YEARS OF MY LIFE WITH BIGBANG AND I HAVE BEEN WITH THE MEMBERS FOR 15 YEARS. SOON, THE MEMBERS OF BIGBANG WILL HAVE TO GO TO THE ARMY. WHEN THEY RETURN, I WANT TO CONTINUE TO WORK WITH THEM AND MAINTAIN OUR CLOSE RELATIONSHIP. AS LONG AS MY INVOLVEMENT IN THEIR WORK WILL HELP THEM IN THE FUTURE, I WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH THEM AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. THEY ARE MY CLOSE FRIENDS. I CARE FOR THEM A LOT.” Meanwhile, G-Dragon recently mentioned on “JTBC News Room” that he plans on going to the army when required. i was reading this and i feel i wanna cryy my heart feel soo sad...because they have to go to the ARMY.. OOOMAYGAD...
Health and safety and happiness..!!!!
i hope that they will be safe when they're gone and they will still be happy aftet that
I just hope they all stay safe when they're gone.
I think this is the perfect opportunity for VIPs to start saving for their next tour. :D I remember seeing a lot of post saying they were too broke or could to afford tickets. Start saving now to get those floor seats!! \^_^/