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Chapter One: Mistakes Begin Here

A group of friends flying into LA for the weekend. Celebrating a big promotion, a new marriage and a sweet sixteen. Honestly the only reason Summer had been dragged along was because of her birthday, otherwise they would've left the little sister at home. Who was complaining though? Certainly not Summer, she was going to LA for the first time in her life.  There was more to this trip than just celebrating though, Summer's older sister had gotten a promotion to this big city and they were helping her move into a new place. They were all just small town girls from rural Kentucky and all this was exciting and new.  The first night there, they moved Violet into her apartment. The place was pretty big, sporting the new 'open floor' concept. Everyone fell in love with the place and even the view. The Hollywood sign was completely visible and all the buildings glittered at night. Of the four girls, Summer was asked not to drink and instead look after any of the other three that got to drunk.  The second day, they explored the city. Finding where Violet would work and how long her commute would be. In all hindsight, it was the most boring day. Not doing much of anything other thab look around. However, when the city rolled into night it seemed the apartment was buzzing for the expected night out. Everyone was laughing and raging on about the fun night they planned on having. Everyond that was except Summer who was being forced to stay home. She was the only one under aged and they planned on club hopping all night.  Summer wasn't having that though. Once the door closed behind the three older girls, she sprang into action. It was well after ten when Summer deemed it safe to sneak out, the girls wouldn't be home until tomorrow anyway. She made it seem like she was tucked safely into bed before leaving the house in the off chance they came home before she did.  It wasn't hard to find a club, that was the least of the troubles. No, the hard part would probably be getting in. She hardly looked sixteen, how was she going to pass off as being twenty one? Standing in line seemed to take forever, it was moving at such a slow pace but when reaching the front she managed to hundle close to a group of girls. Standing as close to them as she could without sticking out like a sore thumb.  She had done it! Summer was excited, she made it inside the club with such little trouble. That should have been the first sign something was going to go wrong because nothing ever went without trouble. The thought never crossed her mind, however, and she began her night of binge drinking and dancing. Men were buying her drink after drink and she was loving the attention.  She didn't get all this back home, in fact she never got much of any attention back home. Boys were always after her friends or even her sister.  She didn't know what time it could possibly be and she didn't care. Summer was having the night of her life. This was how one should celebrate a sweet sixteen, not stuffed up in an apartment waiting on one's sister and her drunk friends. After hours of dancing with the same guy and both being so far beyond drunk, Summer left the club with him. They stumbled along the streets, occasionally slamming into walls to ferociously make out and fill each other up.  Eventually making it to a hotel.
Waking up the next morning wasn't easy with a hangover. But it was barely morning, probably not even eight yet and when Summer rolled her head to the side she found a clock that read seven after six. She knew she wasn't alone, the weight of the man's arms were draped over her waist.  She didn't freak out at that her surroundings were unknown to her, no what had her nearly losing her mind was the fact that she was sore. Sore where she had never been before and she knew what had happened.  Summer lost her innocence, she was no longer a virgin and it was to an unknown man.   Silently and as carefully as possible, Summer pulled herself away. She wasn't sure just where in LA she had ended up she hoped it wasn't to far from her sister's apartment.  She felt stupid and just awful, she'd never done anything like this and in the end, she ended up in some strangers bed. How romantic for her first time. While getting dressed, she noticed the man's pants crumbled up nearby. The guy could at least pay her cab far if she was to far. Quickly finding his wallet and pulling out some money, she noticed his ID. He wasn't American and she couldn't recognize the language, noting that he was Asian was as far she understood any of it. She snapped a picture of ID and then of the man's sleeping figure in the bed. He was facing her and he looked quite peaceful there.  Summer left the hotel on her walk of shame, no one noticed her though and she was glad for that. Violet's apartment was a good bit away and the money Summer took from the Asian man upstairs was just enough to cover the fare. On the ride she wiped away the smeared makeup and fixed her hair. Silently hoping everyone inside was still fast asleep when the cab pulled up to her building. She paid the man and headed inside, turning her key in the lock as quietly as humanly possible.   No one jumped out at her, no one was around the corner or lurking in the kitchen. Violet's friends were passed out on the couch, still wearing the mini skirts they left in. When passing Violet's room, her soft snores could be heard through the door. Summer was safe for now, no one knew in this moment that she had left.  They left LA and heading back home the following day. No one had said a word to Summer about her sneaking out that night. She felt like she was in the clear and continued on with life. School seemed in the normal range of school life and Summer even started to crush on a new boy. The LA night and walk of shame were the last thing on her mind, it was a mistake that she didn't want to relive.  Though when Summer's pants seemed to not fit anymore, she grew worried. She'd been eating properly and even exercising regularly so weight gain just couldn't happen. Suddenly that night came back to her and she confined in her closest friend about the possibility.