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Everybody has weird things that intrigue them and one of mine are... Restroom designs. I guess this is how you know you're turning into an adult. Instead of the new video games or movies that came out or the new club that just opened up a few miles from my house, I'm looking at house design =_= I have a fascination with fancy showers/restrooms, because I love huge showers with tons of water spray options and stuff haha both houses I've lived at and the few houses I've taken showers at have been bath tub style. I would love to have a full surround sound system in my bathroom haha When I allow myself, I spend 40 Mins at the bottom of the shower, just listening to music thinking and watching anime and checking Vingle and Facebook and reading! It's really a great time to relax and let the water hit you. I find it quite calming and I usually do some of my best thinking surrounded by water. When I get my own home (house and home ARE different =p), I'm already wanting to plan on spending a couple thousand to get it all set up! I love big shower rooms like the ones at the gym, but I'm one person, so I don't need 16 shower heads... Just three. Or four Hahaha
That's so cool haha
And that! People joke around about it being so difficult to figure out somebody else's shower, imagine this! >=D And now, I'm out of hot water, so I suppose I'll end it here lol
@shannonl5 Hahaha Very well, kiddo ;D πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
@Arellano1052 lol speak for yourself! I'm not an adult I just play one in my life XD
@shannonl5 Yay! We're adults haha ^.^
I love the fancy showers
Like you I am also fascinated by big showers/restrooms I will save up for when I get a home I'll have a nice big shower/restroom!!! XD