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wow! he really must like strips!
Really hoping to see them live performing.. oh my, praying that if is it true, I wish I can afford the tickets.. I have to start saving money..
Yep, I did. It feels like it was ages ago! Hahahaha! I was hoping to spread the love for her, since I'm a huge fangirl. XD Laundry day for me too and lots of it. Wow, are they really?! Oh, so lucky they come to your country. Well, I hope that you can go watch them for sure!
Really you made that party for song jo hyo? I did not watch RM today, laundry day..hehehe. I heard that CNBLUE are going here in the philippines to do a concert on june, not yet sure if Im going to watch, it depends on the ticket price..
Woohoo!!! You're getting there...just a whole bunch left. Hahahaha. I know! When I first joined Vingle, one of the first parties I had created was Song Ji Hyo. I couldn't believe there wasn't a party for her already. If you ever get a chance, check it out. There's tons of stuff there now. She's such a fantastic role model. Yep, he's been on there a ton. They just call him a part of the RM family at this point. :D
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