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A mother and daughter ride the "Lazy River" at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, The Bahamas. This branch of the extensive river flows through another large tank - housing sharks. I was wondering around the resort looking for interesting photos - something that fell into the "Well you don't see that everyday" category of photography when I came upon this large aquarium viewing window. At first I thought it was just another shark exhibit. Then I noticed the people slowly drifting through the center of it. There were several things working against me from a photography standpoint. The viewing area was constrained enough that I could not move to a place where the reflections on the Plexiglas didn't cause a problem. And the water - being salt water - in the tank had an enormous amount of particulate matter - making the inner channel more difficult to shoot. Lastly, Plexiglas is designed for excellent weight to thickness strength. But holding back several hundred thousand gallons of water... let's just say the tank is 1/2 million gallons - which is a fair estimate - that's 4.5 million pounds of water - so the window I was shooting through was about 9 inches thick and you can clearly see how thick the Plexiglas that constructed the "channel" of the lazy river was. These thick panels were designed for strength and not optical quality. So the images are greatly distorted due to the nature of the Plexiglas I was shooting through.
You know, all things considered, that's still an epic shot of a shark.
I always think that's the worst part of lots of zoo and aquarium, sometime even museum settings. THE GLARE. I get the importance of protection, but sometimes I just want to document the experience without seeing my own reflection.
Thank you. I'm going to "doctor" this image. I have one of the shark without a glare - but there's no one in the tube - and obviously this one has the tube with a couple of people in it. I'm going to use these images to discuss photo - journalistic integrity and when is it OK to doctor a photo and when is it not.