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They found love in a hopeless place. Literally.

Although more and more people seem to be finding love online, Facebook doesn't seem to be one of the most ideal places to meet the love of your life -- but for this couple it happened exactly that way.
Back in 2009, Schuler Benson tried logging into his Facebook account, but ended up being logged onto a mysterious woman named Celeste Zendler's account. Benson made several attempts to log out of this strangers account, but to no avail he just couldn't log out.
He ended up writing several statuses speaking on the issue in hopes of resolving the issue. "I was already logged in. I had to make several posts in order to find out I wasn't logged into my own account. I was in the account of a nice lady named Celeste, who lived in Boulder, Colorado. She and I had never met, never lived in the same state, had no mutual friends in real life or online, shared no Facebook interests. For some reason, I was unable to logout of her account," says Benson.
It took much confusion and frustration before Benson was finally able to log out of Celeste's account. "​I was able to log out after she sent me a friend request," Benson said. "She's admitted that she intended to delete me a few days later, but it turns out we had a lot in common." Turns out the strangers had more in common than they thought and ended up keeping in touch over the next four years which eventually led to the pair moving in together. Wait, that's not the icing on the cake. Earlier this summer, the lovely couple jumped the broom. They will definitely have an interesting story to tell their children some day.
"​I found my partner, my best friend, my great love via a simple glitch in social media. There are awful things in this world, but sometimes there's beauty, too. This is my beauty," said Benson.
You never know what you'll find or who will find you when you aren't looking.

Where is the most awkward place you've ever found love?

Holy, match made in heaven. They are meant to like each other
This is so weird and so cute! Awww see even you have an adorable story @BeannachtOraibh too. love is magic I think.
At a Rifts game night with friends, and he asked me out the same night. It was even more awkward that I said yes, when I meant to say no, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings by letting him know that. So, I avoided him for two weeks. But he gave me space and warmly invited me back to game, and we ended up hitting it off. Been married 13 years now. lol
hahaha it looks like the finger @ChriSingularis! wouldn’t it be funny if they were giving it to normal couples : “like look at how badass we are. we are a magical couple."
I just realized they weren't giving the middle finger...
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