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Its been 2 days since the day of the concert in Anaheim Honda Center, and I have been listening to Big Bang everyday because I miss the concert..
TOP... GD... TAEYANG.. SEUNGRI.. DAESUNG.. It all started with an unreleased version of Haru Haru <3.
I have a lot on record but I don't even know if the quality is good enough. I wish I sat even closer, but I don't have anything to complain about my seat! I was able to see them!
The many faces of GD :)) I just had to take a bunch of pictures when he was talking. His English is really good!! (He's the second one from the left) Full of swag ^__^
LOL I couldn't really understand what Seungri was saying but that's okay :'D He was trying his best!
Daesung is way too funny! He made fun of his own eyes LOLOLOL and he even danced for us because of Seungri :'D
TOP!! *0* His English is really good too! Sorry, not sorry; he's so handsome even when he's sweating~ He even acted cute Omg -shoot hearts-
Taeyang!! Lol he pumped up the crowd! " Say yea! yea! YEAAAAA! YeAAAaaaAa!" ~~~
This was just their introduction! I will slowly post more (: I know you're craving to know what happened! A SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO @ErinGregory T^T She allowed me to share this experience with her!
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Ohmigosh the swag in GD though lol and TOP was so deliciously handsome and Daesung was so hilarious! Crap. Now I'm sad lolol it was so much fun though!