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The trip to get here was amazing. The concert was fantastic!! I have so many photos of the concert and so many videos! The quality probably isn't the best, but if people are interested I can post some of the videos once I have time (there's no way yall would want all, I practically recorded every song lol)
I have to start with Daesung because, like @neener mentioned, he was so funny!! He mentioned a few times that he couldn't see us lol!!
GD apparently really loves it here, but I can't blame him. I'm from Oklahoma and immediately fell in love with this place once I got to Huntington Beach!
Seungri, who was such a sweet heart!! And he did get Daesung to dance for us and I'm pretty sure he made GD blush lol!
Taeyang, who seemed incredibly happy and moved by the amount of cheering. He seems like a really genuine kind of person, I'm kind of surprised at how he can go from being a guy who appears really modest to "let's get naked to sing this song, yeah, what's a shirt, I don't understand" lol
And TOP. What can I say about him other than, holy shiznit.. this man. He was the most serious of the group and I'm pretty sure he tried taking a nap on stage at one point while the others were like, yeah let's sing another song! Hahahaha but oh my lawd.
I've exceeded my photo limit!! So I will have to post more later!!
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