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You don;'t have to be an adult to feel the music.
Kids mimic what they see and hear while adding a bit of their own unique flair to it. Below are a couple videos from children who caught feelings while listening to their favorite song and were caught in the moment on camera.

Adorable Toddler Talks Tough To Young Thug’s “Power"

Probably my favorite video of the bunch. This little girl is REALLY into it. I mean she knows the lyrics down pact and even gives timely mean gestures.Gotta love it.

Baby Bounces To Bone Thugs’ Body Count On “Thuggish Ruggish Bone”

Bone Thugs can really do no wrong, so it's only right this baby gets caught up in this classic song from the Cleveland collective.

Three-Year-Old Raps Gucci Mane’s “Better Baby”

Gucci Mane, like Wu-Tang is for the children. People in the south can't seem to get enough of Gucci. Above is a kid turning up to a Gucci gem. #FreeGuwop

Mom Makes The Kids Show Off Their Moves To Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen”

Everyone loves Fetty Wap "Trap Queen." The New Jersey native just released his #1 album and the hit song was the lead single on the project. Above are three kids letting loose to the classic.
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that little girl got the music in her she gonna be musically inclined def impressive she has so much rhythm and soul at such a young age!
@jcl4rks0n yeah that little girl was REALLY into it lol
@dannymoses yeah she may have a future in the biz for sure, to be that little and passionate about any song is awesome
@danidee lol idk if shes ready for the club scene but she is making a push, lol
Well, I mean, ONCE SHE HITS THE RIGHT AGE, she will be more than club-ready.