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It's one and done for one of these teams.
Tonight we get a one game series between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees. This is probably the biggest game Houston has played in a decade.
After switching leagues, the Astros seem like a new team this year.
Their young talent has come into form this year. Offensively, they are a solid team on the rise. In regards to pitching, they have a solid mesh of veterans that have really come into form for Houston. Leading the bunch and playing this game is Dallas Keuchel. The talented pitcher hasn't allowed a run in 16 innings versus New York this year.
The Yankees are LIMPING into the postseason after blowing a 9 game lead in the division. Offensively, this is a boom or bust offense based around hitting the long ball, as of late they have been struggling but when they are clicking they can score runs by the boatload.
Pitching depth has been an issue for the Yankees this year but they have a solid ace in Tanaka.
This is a hard one to call. @mchylang @jeff4122 who do you have winning in this one?
horrible effort from the Yanks.. I cant believe Giradi would sit Ellsbury even against the lefty..they pay him too much money to sit in a game of that magnitude
Ill have to agree with @jeff4122 Keuchel is an absolute beast
Keuchel is too good to lose. he's going to get it done for Houston