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So I've heard that there is talk of America redoing their own live action of deathnote. I feel like they will probably kill it -.- but I'm interested in hearing what others think. Let me know what you think ^^
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Okay ive dobe so much reading about this very thing i mean no matter what they chang the story the movies did a bib but so did the live action drama of Death Note and Bottom line Americans have a terrible way of speaking as you can guarantee that there will be a ton of curse words in it just saying
know what.... I think this is a show America can actually handle. now I'm one who totally believes America should absolutely NEVER take on anything anime can offer. and we all see that complete disaster of DBZ but death note is more of an intellectual show. it doesn't have the action of a Naruto or DBZ or even a Avatar because they butchered that as well. but this one they may be able to pull it off especially with the technology we have now. I'm interested. with the right actors, we could pull it off imo