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Ok so I was not going to watch this so till I saw one of my favorite youtubers(Chibi reviews) make a video about it so I decided to give it a shot. The episode starts out in an old black and white type of animation with Osomatsu and his five brothers that look just like him talking about how they're getting another anime series because of the 80th birthday of their creator. The problem is, is that they are completely out of style and want to fit in with the rest of the popular animes nowadays. (Transition)
Suddenly the episode transitions to a pop concert where the brothers are pop idols so they have their concert. then it goes to a high school which is surrounded by a giant wall hmmm I wonder where I've seen a giant wall? well in the high school it kinda takes a turn to a reverse harem/ ouran (never seen ouran so feel free to correct me) type setting. the brothers begin to fight over a girl and to win her over they use their old school catchphrases which makes the background characters go wtf. After this the brothers lose it and that's when crap hits the fan. The show takes a turn to a whole lot of references from haikyuu and knb. then the high school starts to shake this is where the big wall comes in a huge man baby appears over the wall (thus an snk reference is made) all of sudden there's rasenganns, kamehamehas, bankais, all kinds of crazy references during the titan fight. after this one of the brothers says that they should come with original ideas. so it goes back to the old black and white art style. transition 10 years later thy just decide to make their own original series. So I surprisingly liked this series and can't wait for the next episode. Has there ever been a show that you didn't think you'd like but actually ended up enjoying the crap out of it? Have you seen the first episode of Osomatsu-San? how did you feel about it?
this seems super interesting actually. I love the idea of referncing these popular animes for the sake of humor. I have to check this one out.
Ahhh, I haven't seen this anime but I love your card! ^^
@poojas thanks xD it was a very interesting show. Imma try to have a review out everyday if I can