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Hey everyone! So being a USA Kpop fan, I try to be really active in my fandoms and most of the fandoms I'm in, I follow US based fanclubs for each such as USA ELF for Super Junior, a bunch of different ones for BTS, etc. They all have awesome admins that run the different clubs/fansites ^^
I also follow many of the official international fan clubs for different groups on social media which usually give out really good info in English
So I'm looking specifically for a US fanclub/site for Block B & GOT7! If they exist. of course not every Kpop groups has a fanclub formed in the US. it especially with the Block B US Tour next month I was hoping to follow a US fanclub/site for them to help support them or do projects while their in the US at the different cities!
Especially as USA Kpop Fans, I think it's always good if we all try to do things together and be organized for when our bias groups come to the US! So if you follow any US Kpop fanclubs on social media or if they have a website please share in the comments!! Especially if it's Block B & GOT7 for me haha
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for Super Junior follow @USA_ELF on twitter or Tumblr, they also have a website For BTS, there's @BangtanUSA @BTSMidwestArmy & @USBTSARMY plus a lot of different ones for individual members!