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So this was my second concert in my life and it was AMAZING!!!!! I can not describe how amazing they are and the energy that they made me feel. Everything started at 8 and it ended at 10:15. The firs song that they did was Bang Bang Bang!! and amazing way to start!! Yes I know I'm using a lot of amazing hahaha but is the true!!
Sorry about the quality of the pics. My phone is not good to take pictures and with all the Lights the pics are a little to blurry.
So my favorite part of the concert was EVERYTHING!!!!! hahaha but the songs that really move me and that almost made my cry were "If You" and "Eyes, Nose, Lips" those song are amazing!!!
I was dancing, singing, and moving all the concert it was jus the best thing that has happen in my life till now. THIS WAS JUST AMAZING WELL MORE THAN AMAZING!!!!!
@HugoGot7 Absolutely!!! Now I just need to hug at least one of them!!
I went too!! IT DEFINITELY WAS AMAZING!!!! I was super happy that I was even in the same room as them haha xD
@LoriBee I know that would be awesome!!
YES!!! I couldn't believe that I was there it was like a dream