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Hey Anime Community!! So I had to this challenge bc @biancadanica98 tagged me lol. So here I go!!
First Anime Ever Watched?? Without counting Pokémon and DBZ the first real anime I watched was Angel Beats. OMG if you have not watched this I recommend it 1,000,000%. U will not be disappointed!!
First Anime/Manga I Ever Finished: Yugioh lol. Yeah it took a while but I've always been a fan of it.
Favorite Female Character: Uhhhh!!! So much pressure but I'm going with Lucy bc she's the best ^o^
Favorite Male Character: 12 from Zankyou no Terror!! he was just so sexy to me lol and cute. Plus he had one of the best personalities
Anime Currently Watching: Akame Ga Kill!! I just recently found this anime and I'm only on episode 1 but I love it so far!! Also still reading Fairy Tail manga

Not really sure who to tag. I guess whoever wants to lol. See u later!!

@biancadanica98 Ikr I cried after every episode!! @BAKERR3 Thanks for the warning I'll be a little more careful now lol
if you watch akame ga kill, then you'll be in for the feels and tragedy. but I thought it was an awesome anime.
Thank you for this post @wllmvns I now have two more Anime to add to my already extensive list lol Angel beats and zankyou no terror
@wllmvns yes !! You made awesome choices!!! *thumbs up* :D
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