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This is just a list of the songs I heard from these boy bands when I re-entered the Kpop World. And still today I remember them.
BigBang - Haru Haru & Lies Oh my god, brings back so much memories...
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry, Sorry Sorry Answer & Bonamona These got to be the most famous SUJU songs, especially Sorry Sorry. Not my favorite but still on of the most popular songs still.
SHINee - Replay Still the best SHINee song ever. Symptoms comes close but Replay stole my heart and now I have it on replay.
BTOB - When I Was Your Man
BAP - Warrior I MISS BAP!!!!!! First ever song I heard from them I thought they were so cool with all that crumping at the break down.
BTS - No More Dream Fell in love with J-hope in this mv and now he's my bias and will forver be lol
EXO - XOXO Repackaged Album From that album I loved "Baby Don't Cry" the most. FYI I had no clue who EXO was. Lol I know it sounds bad but I really didn't until I randomly downloaded this album. It wasn't even just a song but a whole album and the repackaged for a fact lol.p
BEAST - Fiction Still one of my favorite songs ever in the Kpop industry.
GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls Omg I remember watching this with my sister, having no clue who GOT7 was and thinking that Jackson and Mark was so cool! Also, BamBam and that gum lol.
INFINITE - Come Back Again I disliked this song for one reason. The quality!!!! Urgh, still bothers me til this day lol BUT INFINITE is bae!
VIXX - G.R.8.U Tbh, I had no clue who VIXX was until I randomly downloaded this song. I was look for Kpop songs and saw this like how I did with the EXO XOXO Repackaged Album lol. But now they're one of my favorite Kpop boy bands.
Teen Top - Don't Spray Perfume (No More Perfume On You)
U-Kiss - 0330
FT ISLAND - Severely
2PM - Without U
DBSK (JYJ/TVXQ) - Mirotic I swear they are so smexy. I miss OT5.
Block B - Be The Light
CN Blue - Loner I couldn't find the official mv so this will substitute for it.
MBLAQ - Y Can't find the official mv so this will have to do lol. What was your first ever heard song from these groups and more? And if this is your first time hearing them, did you like them? @kpopandkimchi @MichelleIbarra @AimeeH @poojas @VixenViVi
@yessiex3 MBLAQ had a 3 member comeback with their title track called, "Mirror." Thunder and Lee Joon decided to leave the group in order to persue their acting career.
lmao I haven't listened time mblaq in so long... does anyone have an update on them?
Omo so true haha
Ahhhh! I love all the groups and their songs that you have up here! 鈾ワ笍
Be the Light, Fiction, and Y are my life guys...
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