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So is anyone just as excited for the second season of Flash as I am? I've been waiting all summer long for this premier, and now the day has come. Here's a little recap of season one. Barry's mother passes away from, what they thought was a lightning strike, his father was framed and sent to prison. Years later a particle accelerator malfunction, causing a severe thunderstorm and Barry was struck, when he woke up from his coma, he was "THE FLASH". He was named a "meta human" by Dr. Wells. He helped guide Barry and trained him to become faster and stronger. When the show left off, a lot of information was said and shown. Dr. Wells, isn't what he says he is..... Barry confesses his love to Iris... And Iris' husband killed himself to save others. All I know is I'm ready for this season to begin and what's going to happen between Barry and iris. With also a new cast member making his appearance as Wally West.
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@overlordwrath I didn't know that. I always thought they got married.
WOOOO YESSSS I BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR IT......sorta brings a tear to my eye, seriously Tv^
it wasnt as good as the first season
@s92pk the premier was ok. So far first season premier was way better. BUT!!!! It's just the beginning of the new season. Did you noticed who entered into S.T.A.R laps at the end of the episode? 馃槈 it's gonna get interesting with Jay Garret (original flash, with the hat) plus, Wally West is to join the set. Can't wait!!!!