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I need more anime to watch on Netflix besides Death Note, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Black Butler, and Fullmetal Alchemist....
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I think if you scroll there were some people with free 48 days on crunchy roll. I would go for it. I subscribe to crunchy roll and funimation. Netflix gets a few from funimation but they don't usually have all the episodes up.
I think @VinMcCarthy can make some good recommendations for you!
Netflix is just bad for anime. hulu plus has ALOT of choices for anume, but you'll come across missing seasons and episodes.. Crunchy roll don't have nearly as many licence as hulu does but Crunchy roll is still way better. good clean HD subbed anime ^.^ couldn't ask for better
Some of these might not be on netflix but if you look in other places I'm sure you'll find them, darker than black, Ben-to, Tenjou tenge, kenichi the mightiest disciple, soul eater and deadman wonderland are a few I really love!
ok I got on Netflix to scroll around for you. Psycho pass for sure...Sword Art Online, The Devil is a Part timer, if they have Fate/Zero you need to watch that before Fate Stay Night. Inuyasha is there if you haven't seen it... Bleach...Noragami, The irregular at magic high school, Gurren Lagann, Vampire Knight, Magi, Silver Spoon, (Ouran high school, definitely my fav) I've watched all of these. Netflix doesn't have all of the episodes for some and I wish they still had spice and Wolf for you to watch but those are my suggestions.