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Because getting scared is so much fun!

You know everything there is to know about the series. Like...everything.

Even how all of the seasons are connected and all that.

Most of your friends are obsessed with the show too.

Because you're all lost souls right? AHS brings people together.

That one friend who shit-talks the all-mighty AHS really pisses you off.

Okay the whole "I didn't like Freak Show" thing is so played out.

And you've even tricked them into watching the show a few times.

"Yeah! Just come over and we'll have some wine and watch a movie." SURPRISE BITCH it's American Horror Story

You definitely had a crush on Tate even though he was totally screwed up.

What!? He was cute!

They're probably just jealous that they're not invited to your watch party.

Haters gonna hate.

Because they're too lame to realize that Fiona Good gives you LIFE

#powergoals Seriously...there will never be a better Supreme.

But honestly, you love the show because you know it's all an allegory for life itself.

And you'll always worship at the alter of the Supreme


But you believe the best is yet to come. SEASON 5 HERE WE GO!

Gaga we're ready!

What's your favorite season of AHS?

I think mine is Coven, but Murder House comes in a close second!
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how can you expect me to choose one season that's torture!!! I love them all dearly Jessica Lange is life js. I love ahs.!!!
@quietone which season is your favorite
that's super hard but I'd have to say coven
It's an unpopular opinion but I say Coven too. It had a lot of really dimensional characters in it. Have you seen the new episodes of Hotel!? @quietone
no I haven't gotten to see it or finish freakshow I'm dying to see both