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Since Halloween is right around the corner, here is a great DIY project to decorate your home or apartment for this amazing holiday. Why spend lots of money on store-bought decorations when you can make your own decorations at home for incredibly cheap? This DIY tutorial comes from the great people at The Pin Junkie.


For this project, you will need:
-- Paper plates
-- Yellow and orange acrylic paint
-- Paint brush
-- Twine or ribbon
-- Scissors
You can find all of these materials at a craft store.

Paint the paper plates

Paint the paper plates using the orange and yellow paints in the pattern shown above. You may need two coats of the paint to make the colors incredibly vibrant. Let the paint coats dry completely.

Cut the plates

Use the scissors to cut the paper plates into triangles, as seen in the picture above. Repeat theses steps with a few more paper plates to make enough candy corn triangles. If you want, you can make the corners of the triangle more rounder for a softer look.

Attach the twine or ribbon to triangles

You can attach the twine a few different ways. You can use glue or tape to attach the twine to the paper triangles or you can cut holes in the triangles and thread the twine through the holes.

String up the banner and enjoy!

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