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Q: Why do you love BTS? A: In my eyes... They. Are. Perfect. ❀ Of course, they have the looks, precious flaws, and craziness like other K-pop groups. But their music really reaches out to me. I'm really picky about music--right now I only have like 10-15 songs in my phone that I really love listening to no matter what (6 of them are BTS songs ) BTS's music has all the elements that I look for when listening to music. The lyrics have such deep meaning and references that I can relate to I realize that a lot of idols (esp rappers) are writing lyrics that explain about their lives, idol experiences, etc. these days. But there is a certain way to effectively use real-life references to reach out to listeners through a song. When writing lyrics, Namjoon is really good at pointing out small, everyday actions we take that we don't even think about and turning it into a ❗YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE❗ alert (when I get to the "What is your favorite BTS song" day, I'll explain more what I mean ) As BTS have already pointed out themselves, BTS would not be complete if even just one member leaves. They are 7 Bangtan puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together despite their numerous differences. There are so many other reasons why I love BTS, but I don't think you guys really wanna read an essay, right? In conclusion, I love BTS because they are perfect in my eyes. ❀❀❀ P.S I love this challenge and want to thank the person who created it. It would be awesome to see other ARMY's (and other kpoppers) take this challenge too!
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