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First Somng would be: BTOB's Thriller See for me, when I hear fall, I think of Holloween. And this song just screams holloween to me. It is definitely a good song, and I love how creepy it is.
The second song is: BTOB's Winters Tale Well now you are probably wondering why I put a winter song on a Fall Playlist I'm making here. Well the reason is because when I think of Fall, I also think of how I can drink Hot Cocoa, and I think of Winter that will be coming right after Fall. Winter is my favorite season, making Fall my second favorite. Winters Tale is a cute song, plus I love BTOB, how could I not love this song?
Third song is: SPEED's Zombie Party Just like BTOB's Thriller, Zombie Party reminds me of Holloween, and I think of Holloween when I think of Fall. The way this M/V was made was quite well. I still remember when they went on Weekly Idol, after this song debuted, they made the boys do the intro of the song a million times. I don't think the boys had to practice that part of the dance that much haha
Next song would be: B.A.P's Coffee Shop I, just like the other fangirls, remember when this song came out and girls were just flipping out left and right. This song shows a look of Fall in my opinion, mainly because of how cold it looks and the turtle necks and such. To me is makes me think of Fall, besides it's a good song.
Next song to choose would be: BTS' Coffee Now I didn't really mention one thing on the last song, but another reason I choose both these two coffee songs is because now a days, people are making pumpkin spiced coffee, and pumpkins are part of Fall spirit. So of course this is a Fall kind of song I could choose.
my second to last song for this card is: BTS' Butterfly Now we Army's all know that this song hasn't been fully released, BUT from the sounds of the song I just think this song would be a Fall song. I mean, the theme of the Prologue seems to be cold. If you guys remember when they did the Beautiful Moment in Life Photo shoots, they were in the same kind of area near the water as they are in the prologue. in some videos by the boys, they said they were cold there. Fall has always been cold, so that's why I see it as a Fall song. Not only that, but their last album was the "Beautiful Moment in Life part 1" and something tells me that this album that is coming out this month will be part two. To me, Fall has always been beautiful, just more to make me feel like this song is a Fall song.
The last song I pick would be: EXO's What Is Love This song is a strong song, but I have always felt this song has a Fall kind of look. The way the song is made, it just makes me want to sit in a coffee shop and listen to it, but same goes with all the other songs.
Well that is my Fall Playlist for 2015. Sure is it kinda small, but oh well. I made this for @kpopandkimchi so if you guys have a Playlist for Fall, go ahead and tell her!
How did I not add in the BTS song!? And I've never seen that SPEED MV either!!!!
@kpopandkimchi haha I have no idea. And really? haha I have, -obviously- well now you have hehe