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I seriously can't believe it. I've read so many articles over and over about their contract expiring. Even papa YG can't believe it. I really do wish they renew their contracts and stay together for as long as they can. I want them to continue making the great music they do! VIPs let's keep on supporting them and make sure they stick together.
Other than their contract expiring what else is more sad to know that they will also be enlisting into the mandatory military. My oppas, I am so heartbroken to hear about your expiring contracts and military enlistment. I hope you will renew your contracts and after your military service, I hope that you all still will be connected and be together. Even if you all part your own ways, or make decisions to not renew your contracts, I do wish for you all to continue your careers in the music industry life. Whatever path you choose, I'll always be supporting! ♥️ love you oppas.