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@TessStevens tagged me in a card and asked me to write a list of the different things I suck at. Fortunately, this is an extremely easy card because I am horrible at so many things. Just kidding. Sort of.
I was also asked to tag three people to do it themselves, soooo.. @AimeeH, @Taijiotter, @NerukaWong, I CHOOSE YOU!

I Hate Math So Much.

My math grades were alright until maybe the 7th grade. I just never really got things like functions, Geometry, and other forms of math most of us study in high school. If I tried really hard, I would pass, but even after trying my hardest, I'd only get like a 75% - 80%.

I Cannot Whisper.

I can't talk shit being heard. I can't tell a secret without someone else around us knowing what I said. I can't hang out in libraries or study halls, and when I was in theater, I would always get scolded during rehearsals for being able to be heard whispering off-stage.

I Forget To Respond To Texts.

I have a bad habit of opening a text, reading a text, and closing it with the intention to respond to it later. That 'later' never happens, and I've gotten the reputation of being the ultimate texting jerk from my friends. I'm sorry! I love you! I'm just easily distracted!

I Suck At Taking Compliments.

I don't know if it's because I'm shy or have some sort of wack self-esteem problem, but I'm horrible at knowing what to do when someone compliments me. It usually ends with me telling them it's untrue, getting strangely bashful, making a joke, or changing the subject.

I Lack Confidence When I Speak.

Unless I'm directly asked, I'm the last person that will give you my opinion. I'm always too scared to share ideas or opinions for fear that they're wrong or stupid or are going to be rejected by people around me. I am too scared of looking dumb by saying the wrong thing.

So does anyone else have similar problems? Or were you able to figure out a method that works best for you?

Feel free to give me some pointers because these are all things I'd really like to work on!

I AM SO BAD AT TAKING COMPLIMENTS BUT I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU ONE: Thank you for doing this challenge! I knew you'd kill it hahah. I think the biggest thing that can help that, is just knowing you're worth complimenting. It's really hard to do, but I think you'll find that confidence one way or another. It comes with time and security, which as younger people, we tend not to have. Everything is confusing lol. Yay for suckage!!!!! and @Taijiotter if you do one, please tag me so I can see it!!!
@otakukpopgirl I heard about that! Ugh, that must be so stressful. Is there any way to help dyscaculia? @Taijiotter I feel like it's just a different kind of way to think that I haven't conditioned my brain into.
omg we're so similar hahaha I don't like math like ever hahaha. even when the professor's too cute I just can't like it hahaha. I also forget to respond to texts unintentionally.
@Taijiotter Thank you :)
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