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Trans-Pacific Partnership is Letting Big Companies Take Over the World

Giant American companies are big enough, don’t you think?

Well, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership they might be able to even gain more
cut trade barriers and set common standards from Vietnam to Canada. So it makes it easier for American companies to get their stuff out. No, PUSH it out.
And it’s THE biggest trade deal in American history. Now, do you think Mickey Mouse will take over the world?

What will this mean for the Global Economy?

Cartoon by: Wikileaks
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This will be very bad for American jobs and some food prices. I'm not sure that the benefits outweigh the problems here.
Same, I wonder if the U.S. is so worried about debt that they just want to push our products out the easiest and cheapest way. which is good for them I guess, I dunno about how it well help us in the long run with those things you said. job and food is what I’m worried about too... @Butterflyblu