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Hello Anime Community Friends! ^_^

It's my favorite day of the week! Trivia Tuesday!!!

If you're new to Vingle Anime Trivia Tuesday, I ask you guys 4 anime-related questions every Tuesday. You leave your answers in the comments, and I will update the answers the following week!
No Googling! Make your best guesses! :D

1. What was Lucy's first Celestial Spirit Gate Key?

A. Taurus
B. Scorpio
C. Aquarius
D. Virgo

2. What are these Studio Ghibli characters called?

A. Coal Carriers
B. Soot Sprites
C. Soot Puffs
D. Dust Soots

3. Who is Natsu's adoptive father?

A. Gray
B. Zeref
C. Makarov
D. Igneel

4. Name the Pokemon!

A. Clefable
B. Jigglypuff
C. Smoochum
D. Wigglytuff

Leave your answers in the comments below!

Hope you all enjoy this Trivia Tuesday! ^_^

1C,2b?,3D and 4B? im not sure, never watched pokemon lol
I'm pretty positive about 1 and 4 but the other two I have no idea 1. A 2. C ? 3. D ? 4. B
1. C I haven't seen it😔 I'm an Aquarius. (When in doubt, C it out.) 2. B So cute!!! 3. D (I think) 4. B
1. C 2. B 3. D 4. B
1.c, 2.b, 3.d, 4.b
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