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Park Bo Geum/ Wooshin, Possible Twins
Recently, I've been catching up I Remember You/Hello Monster and this guy (Park Go Beum) reminded me of this guy...
UP10TION Wooshin... Like how is this even possible?!?!?! Like are they related of some sort?!?!? (Obviously not) But damn....they got the handsome genes....I CANNOT WITH THESE GUYS NOWADAYS!!! THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FIND A BOYFRIEND (not like I want one anyways XD)!!
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Same @EmilyGardner And they sure are cute ^^ Wooshin has been my bias ever since I got into UP10TION and like seeing Park Bo Geum, I went into like fangirl mode lol @kpopandkimchi He is totes handsome @Laury7moon ^^
And also Gummy is a 93 liner. Wooshin is a 96 liner!! They are sooo close in age!! They are both adorable and hot, too!