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The Mets are made the playoffs for the first time in nine years. Tickets are already sold out and Queens is getting ready to welcome back playoff baseball.

But they are not off to a great start.

Yesterday, Mets ace Matt Harvey missed a mandatory team workout at Citi Field. His excuse?


Manager Terry Collins said Harvey will be fined for missing mandatory team practice. But he said Harvey will not miss any games and went on to say,
"This is minor. This isn't college, where he's going to miss the first quarter of a football game. I'm going to take care of it in-house. I deal with it one way. The players deal with it another way. He's going to get fined. It's no big deal. He's going to continue to pitch. He f----- up. People do that. He feels bad. The players will take care of it on their own. We don't need it. We need to try to stay as positive as we can."
Harvey also apologize for his actions and said,

"Basically, there's no excuse. I screwed up. I wasn't here. I showed up a little late."

The Mets and Harvey haven't been getting along too well especially after the stint they had with Scott Boras, his agent, last month when Boras requested they don't have Harvey pitch more than 180 innings.
Personally, I don't really give a damm whether Harvey was stuck in traffic or not. I don't care what he was doing before that.

Baseball is a team sport.

And if you have a mandatory team practice, you should not miss it under any circumstances, especially if you are the ace and center of that team that is contending in the postseason for the first time in nine years!
I am really interested to hear what @jeff4122 has to say. Are you going to defend your best pitcher for missing "mandatory team practice"?
Wow! I don't get it. He has been in that area for so long, he doesn't know how bad traffic gets? Idk, but it's a lame excuse!!
At least he’s owning up to his mistake, instead of making excuses!
@butterfly true, I think we have all done that. I've done and that's when I didn't want to go to work that day.
Traffic??? From where???? Was there a 40 car pile up on the expressway in NY? Were roads shut down and cars had to re route out of the state and back into the state a different way? I don't but it. I don't buy missing practice because of traffic.
This reminds me of that bs Allen Iverson tried to pull years back with that whole "I don't practice" thing. It's not a good look and not a classy move, in the same token things happen...but you don't screw around with playoffs.
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