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30 Day KPop Challenge Days 2 - 6

Sorry I'm so far behind so Imma get caught up all on one card!

Day 2 : Favorite Girl Group ~ f(x)

really the only girl group I listen to on a regular basis amd love

Day 3 : Ultimate Guy Bias ~ Donghae

I love my sexy fishy!

Day 4 : Ultimate Girl Bias ~ Amber

She's so chill and so comfortable just being herself.

Day 5 : Any Other Guy Biases ~ Junhyun, Minho, Leo, Yong Hwa, Ilhoon, Eunhyuk, SungGyu, HongKi, James, Zico.

My tentative top 10 but it's always changing! I have sooo many others but it'd take all day to list 'em..

Day 6 : Any Other Girl Biases ~ Park Bom, CL, Krystal, Yoona, Nana, Jaekyung, Yerin, Jimin, Lee Hi, Lee Soo Hyun

I love these ladies! Beautiful and sweet with killer voices. Whew! All caught up!!
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