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After the travel restrictions in Cuba were lifted, Rihanna and Vanity Fair headed over to Cuba for a photoshoot! This is Rihanna's first cover shoot with Vanity Fair. The Barbados superstar had her photos taken by Annie Leibovitz and she was styled by Jessica Diehl. She looked absolutely stunning! The shoot was taken for the November 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. In the issue she will talk about music, sex, and Chris Brown.

"We wanted to be part of Cuba, we didn't want to be outside of Cuba," Jessica Diehl, the stylist for the photoshoot stated.

Diehl also talked about how she wanted to created a look that wouldn't feel constrained or artificial. Creating the look for Rihanna in Cuba had to feel effortless and real.


This photo was taken La Rosa Street in Havana, Cuba.


This photo was taken at the Josie Alonso House in Colzada Street, Havana, Cuba.
The Cuba Libre is definitely a shot I love! From the fashion to the image, it reflects the vibrancy and beauty of Cuba's culture. You can read the full story from Vanity Fair.
yeah totally politically charged! But also good for a celebrity. I mean Cuba has some vibrant colors and really cool culture. I’m a fan @TessStevens.
OMG She looks beautiful. @InPlainSight what do you think about this shoot? It's kind of a political statement too. That the beauty of Cuba is alive and well even after the long embargo. It's a real testament to the culture and the people as well. Beautiful! I want to see more from Cuba, as our relations get tighter! @nicolejb what do you think!?
@nicolejb @TessStevens I was thinking the same thing. The culture is so chill and cool. You could do a lot with the styling and settings. As for political, heck yeah. It had to be really amazing for her Cuban fans!!
yeah can you image being in a Rihanna photo shoot?! I would be so hyped.