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Seriously...I slept for 12 hours. How can I be this tired?

It all begins when you wake up after a "good" night's sleep. AND YOU'RE STILL TIRED.

Seriously, how. HOW. Please have mercy on me!

So you do what you always do...swill down enough coffee to kill an elephant.

Because like...what else are you going to be able to do.

After that, you feel a little bit better, and somehow make it to your place of business or whatever.

But barely though. You barely make it.

You sit down at your desk and notice that your clothes are all wrinkled and you look like hell.

That's just standard, because you're so tired that you usually can't figure out how to tie your shoes, let alone iron an outfit.

And somehow you fall asleep within the first hour of being at work or school.

It's embarrassing!

So you blast music in your headphones as loud as possible in order to wake yourself up.

Your friends and co-workers are like, "UM...I can hear that."

Before you know it 2:00P.M. rolls around and you have to drag yourself to the coffee pot for another infusion of energy.

It looks a lot like this.

You hobble back to your desk like the lifeless, tired being you are.

And you pray for the day to speed by somehow.

When your boss comes around to make sure you're not asleep, you can often take drastic measures.

Taping your eyelids open isn't a horrible idea come to think of it.

And after 4 P.M. you could pretty much fall asleep on anyone or anything.

Whoops...sorry co-worker...just let me...nap...for a minute. No? Okay.

Once it gets to quitting time, you thank whatever thing you believe in that you could get any work done at all.

At this rate, death would be a warm invitation.

And when that glorious moment comes, you slink on home to revere in exhausted bliss by falling down and sleeping immediately.

This is all, of course, in service of you getting up and repeating this process all over again...every day...for the rest of your life...

Fuck. Being tired all the time sure is exhausting.
Oh well...time for a nap.
Ha! The story of my life... I almost always have to come home from dance in the mornings (classes from 8-11:30) and take a nap before we start homeschool. I am narcoleptic, though, so if I don't take one, then I will pass flat out walking across a room or something. (No joke.) I even take a (legally prescribed!) stimulant and still have to do that. >.< Suckage.
Same and then my problem most days is that it's a miracle if I get enough sleep ... I blame my cats
so funny the polar bear is my fav...
@MaighdlinS we gotta figure this out!!! No matter how much sleep I get I'm always tired:/
fyi exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins give you energy and energy happy...Elle Woods, your welcome
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