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Hello Anime Vinglers! Welcome to Day 6 of Otaku October! <3

Today, let's talk about what anime world you'd like to visit!

I would want to visit the world of Hetalia because it would be one heck of a story to tell later. I will most likely just follow around Italy and try to understand how he can be so adorable and dumb at the same time. Italy and I would probably eat a lot of pasta and then annoy Germany to no end. And he'd just facepalm at all our shenanigans. XD

What anime world would YOU visit and why?

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I would say either Namimori from Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Magnolia from Fairy Tail.
I would either visit Magnolia from Fairy Tail or Alfeheim in Sword Art Online
I would say alfheim from sao. I would love to have some adventure.
I would visit no game no life's world since I'm so good at games
either Fiore from Fairy Tail the world of naruto and Mary to shippuden or the world of high school dxd