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Me and KPOP Vines
On my Vine page, you will see the following things: #JapanAndSwitzerlandDanceToAnything - I have KPOP related and ringtones. XD Introduction - I'm planning on remaking it. BTS Imagines - They are cute ^_^ LR's 'Beautiful Liar' Teasers and MV edits - They came out pretty good. CanUKeepUp [Leo and Jimin Edition] - I had to XD U-Kwon and Kyung edits - All pictures or gifs. Leo edits - A lot. My tweets or other stuff - Random things to do when bored. ------ 1st picture is my Ultimate Bias and Bias Wrecker along with my Vine username. Hope you understand! Fighting!
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whats your vine
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@Emealia Jiminaleo.
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@HappyGLAlexis I followed :D
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