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Reasons to love Jimin from BTS 馃槏
HE SO CUTE!!! He also has one of the prettiest smiles ever. But, some times he over does it ,lol! But, its so cute man when he tries lol!!!
Man let's face it he has ABS!!!! HE IS ALL MUSCLED UP!!! But there is one thing he has that makes his abs seem like baby weight.........
.... That thing is..... he has a kind heart He is adorable!! He has such a good personality! He is nice to every on.... even jerks - . - I could never be as nice as jimin!!! He doesn't need abs for me to love em' he is already adorbs a he has that kind heart too!! JIMIN!! GOT TO LOVE EM' LOL TAG EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT LOVES JIMIN OR JUST BTS!!! FOLLOW COLLECTION TO SEE WHY BTS IS THE BEST!!! IF THIS REACHES 100 LIKES THE I WILL DO ONE ON BTS V!!
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@haniarocioo if you think about it jimin used to starve him self and I think not be is better about it now but he used to and got a long time he had no confidence but he got better and you will get better too
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