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Hey there fellow VIPs, hope you've all and a fantastic experience these past few days at Big Bang's concert! I had a wonderful time that I still can't believe I saw them!!! Screw that, I can't believe I was in the same room as them :-)) Now I'm here wishing to go back to that magical night but no matter how long I have to wait to see them again, I'll be here supporting each one until they come back~ What were your experiences? Please feel free express yourselves, your ups and downs of attending their concert, post-concert depression (which I'm sure we're all going through or will be).
@krazylilmeow yeah I had heard of them having to go off to the military soon so when I heard Taeyang asking us if we'll be waiting until they come back however long it takes I teared up. OMG you literally stalked Seungri for 15 mins XD hahaha you're lucky Same happened to me when I met Lee Min Ho he declined to take a pic but was very apologetic
im actually very sad, i saw them in vegas and they were awesome but Taeyang mentioned military leave and ive been bummed ever since. highlight though: i met seungri after the show in a casino! he declined a photo :/ but at least he was nice about it and my friend and i walked right next to him for like 15 minutes because i wasnt sure until he turned around!
i will forvee cherish the memories i made omfg theirr songs sounf so different to me now andnim just crying all the you siad cant believe i was in the same room and i was closer to the stage than expected it was beautiful @
@jaxomB awww I'm sorry :-\
I wish they would have come anywhere close to where I live...