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Because they won't be in the films any time soon.

One of Marvel's strengths is their ability to develop characters in an extremely short amount of time. The downside? We get attached to them, only to never see them again. Or, in the case of some of these characters, we probably won't see them on screen any time soon. And while the comics fans are going strong, often new fans are coming into Marvel from the films and tv series. Unlike the major films though, Netflix has a little more flexibility.

Miles Morales

The films have Peter Parker, but what are Spidey fans supposed to do in between movies? Dear Netflix: they *could* be binge-watching a series starring Miles.

Kate Bishop

Sure, Hawkeye is one of the less popular Avengers. I say: let it go, and focus on *this* version of Hawkeye instead. She's a New Yorker, so she could easily transition into guest appearances on Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage.


While the Marvel Netflix series are going pretty dark, Hercules could easily be a lighter counterpart. The character is... kind of outrageous. Which would be a great way to draw in fans who want a more lighthearted experience.

America Chavez

The laws of physics can kiss her ass. Need I say more?

Monica Chang

If you don't know her, she's Nick Fury's ex-wife. And she is hardcore. Give her a solo series where she takes no prisoners!
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they actually doin pretty good. they doin luke cage's girl, iron fist, Dr. strange, and the defenders--again, they doin iight
@kogacommander yeah I'm really excited for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, I think those are both going to be pretty good. I think these characters would have a lot of potential on the web too ^_^
I wanna see more anti hero flow. call snipes n pick up blade. dd was good n im lookin forward to jj
@kogacommander I would *love* to see a new Blade movie! I really like the direction they're taking in the comics too, he's still there but his granddaughter is running the show ^_^ I like that DD is adding the Punisher I think that's a good direction for the series. Personally if we're talking antiheroes I would love to see Black Widow get more screen time and development as well, she's one of my favorite antiheroes
since Netflix can remake movies into show I say they redo ghost rider into a show.