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Fisherman Find Terrifying Squid in Hawaii AAAHH!
Okay people, if you're squeamish you'd better sit this one out.
Fisherman chilling off the coast of Hawaii's Big Island met a huge mother effing squid. We're talking monstrous,
This thing is 7 feet long. They found it on the surface, floating, dead. They believe it was attacked something as several of it's large tentacles were missing.
This gigantic squid weighed approximately 52 pounds. They extracted the creature from the water for further study and noticed it's eyeballs were like...tennis ball sized. Apparently this thing has a beak too...the size of a large dog's mouth.
The fishermen were rightfully freaked out, as this creature could easily bite off an arm.
Here are the dudes posing with it. They were instructed by a local marine biologist to bring the sucker to the shore for study.

Apparently...you can eat these things too.

But I wouldn't.

No way.

The creature is definitely one of those deep-sea monsters that you only meet in a nightmare. Oh well...more fuel for those I suppose.

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