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Not serving up the blood of virgins and a cocktail of accursed souls this Halloween? Spook your friends with these creepy creations instead!

Sip this scary Swamp Juice punch for chilling lime sherbet refreshment – let's hope nothing eerie is hiding in its depths...

Cool down with an ice-cold Severed Hand and bloody cranberry juice punch (cinnamon sticks and floating eyeballs optional).

{Scroll for video recipe}

Gulp down a glass of Vampire Punch in bloodstained glasses – if you dare!

Have a drink of Cemetery Sludge, and cross your fingers that you don't find a worm or two floating in your cup!

What's that faint light in the darkness? Why, it's Eerie Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Punch! It might seem delicious, but beware...

Which one of these would you dare try, fearless Vinglers??
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The eerie light entrances you @KDramaKPop1015 I honestly think that would be perfect for a dimly-lit Halloween party
Hahah @TerrecaRiley which milky one?
@allischaaff oh lol the blood stained glass
Ohh looks appetizingly good!! :D but definitely fun!! ^^
hmm.... all of them :3