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Not serving up the blood of virgins and a cocktail of accursed souls this Halloween? Spook your friends with these creepy creations instead!

Sip this scary Swamp Juice punch for chilling lime sherbet refreshment – let's hope nothing eerie is hiding in its depths...

Cool down with an ice-cold Severed Hand and bloody cranberry juice punch (cinnamon sticks and floating eyeballs optional).

{Scroll for video recipe}

Gulp down a glass of Vampire Punch in bloodstained glasses – if you dare!

Have a drink of Cemetery Sludge, and cross your fingers that you don't find a worm or two floating in your cup!

What's that faint light in the darkness? Why, it's Eerie Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Punch! It might seem delicious, but beware...

Which one of these would you dare try, fearless Vinglers??
Ohh looks appetizingly good!! :D but definitely fun!! ^^
The eerie light entrances you @KDramaKPop1015 I honestly think that would be perfect for a dimly-lit Halloween party
Glow in the dark. Would be my first go to drink. Well, more like walk towards it, look at it apprehensively in the dark room, and then walk away. Just the fact that it glows is what draws me in.
the only one I'd leave is the milky stuff
hmm.... all of them :3
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