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[24 Days of Halloween] Things You Can Do Instead of Carving Your Pumpkin
Get creative this Halloween and forget about traditional pumpkin carving. Halloween is a transformative holiday where people end up turning into whatever they want. So why can't your pumpkin. Check out these ideas and make this Halloween the best one yet!

How can you go wrong when there's only 24 days until Halloween!?

Paint them!

Adorable glittery and pastel colored pumpkins can work with literally any room in your house. It's a lot easier and a lot less messy than traditional carving.

Embellish them with studs and spikes.

This hack is for all the edgy people out there who want a slick and cool style of pumpkin this Halloween. Use matte paint and some craft studs and be on your way. No knife needed!

Add adorable lights.

You can turn your pumpkin into an adorable light show by poking small holes and running a string of Christmas lights through it. These porcupine pumpkins are perfect for the fall and can transform your yard into a glowing Halloween paradise.

Which carving alternative would you try?

Because let's face it...stabbing pumpkins is kind of violent.
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Woo Woo! That's awesome. I love pumpkin carving and painting. I think it's the most fun part of Halloween. He GROWS them!? That's so cool, so no pumpkin patch for you!? hahah and I would love to see them when they're done!
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens Of the carved pumpkins or the painted ones? Or both? And sure, I'll post a picture up of the end results of the pumpkins and tag you in it!
2 years ago·Reply
Both!!!! And thank you @KDramaKPop1015 I love seeing others' pumpkins, partly because mine don't go as planned usually lol. I'm not very crafty but I try!
2 years ago·Reply
Your's will probably turn out fine. And I'd like to see yours too if that's not too much trouble! Oh, and Happy, early, Halloween!!!!
2 years ago·Reply