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I wrote out a post a few weeks ago that I hold close to my heart. It was hard to write but at times you do have to express yourself in a positive way of course. Now I want to talk about the fun LAVONYORK
Gamer tag Hexed Vixen..
Also known as Black Ivy ^^^^^ yeah I just tangle you up and no my real name is not Ivy. I had a lot of explaining to do in a couple of gaming communities I was apart of lol. So I'm putting it out there now. Black Ivy is evil and poison Ivy was taken lol I am a gamer, always have been one. It's one of my past tines that I really enjoy. I have a few people I actually talk to on the mic when some person is not trying to send me random d*ck pictures lol. It's interesting being a female gamer but I have my gamer guys I been friends with for years that handle things. (I sound like a boss lol)
Gears 3 is one of my top favorite games for the 360 and I usually play my games with a bottle of Japanese soda when I can find it
I'm a SyFy and Horror person... So yes the Highland is one of my guys lol
I love to cook and feed people lol. I enjoy cooking for my friends and
Partying with them watching football or anything sports related. PS, some friends are missing because they are puking... I make mean jello shots lol.
I play around a lot, so my BFF does gets harmed but he is alive lol. Eventhough he called my deadpool shirt spiderman (rolls eyes) you get a pass because you are special to me xoxo.
Yes I do, I do don a crown, however I am far from royal lol... I just different and I'm the person people warn you about
Yea, you will see ;) I'm not so bad. Lol
Coffee is my thing, don't stop me.. Let me drink lol! Bottoms up! Yeah I drink and drive... Lattes are totally legal lol.
Wwe, I like too, this is my all around man the viper himself and he hears voices in his head lol. Don't start with the wrestling is fake thing, I don't want to hear it lol but the man in the photo is Oh so real lol ::tv crush::
For now I'm going to leave this here because I am lazy and I know i have more to write
And I can't leave with out my Desdpool reference.. Lol to be continued!
Omg, Bitcomic you is so adorable.
that's a great deadpool reference hahaha also, I make a mean jungle juice. so if we ever get to party you make the jello shots and I'll make the juice and everyone will get turnt af
@LAVONYORK you know I love you, girl! Any chance for everyone to get to know you better is awesome! <3
Thank you guys for reading, I will totally finish this card with a few others. @tessstevens I played fall out, it's a good game, even though it scared me at times but not as bad a dead space.. I stay far from that one @shannonl5 I know i am late but I am going to write my letter to deadpool lol @vinmccarty sounds like a plan! You bring the juice, I got the shots. I need to find the photo of my friend punching me bc (friendly punch) because we were all messed up in some form. That I will put in my part two card lol
Lol i have a ton of those @danidee , I will add a few others to my next card
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