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I bet you think I’m kidding on this. Nope, Really. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a proclamation asking Kansas residents to practice “Zombie Preparedness Month” in the month of October.
So it’s sort’ve what it sounds like, but also it’s not. Yes, the proclaimed is for zombies, they are most just trying to get citizens to prep for real disasters. In a weird, sneaky, round-about way.
And with Kansas’ rise in floods and tornadoes, the governor feels this is a good step in awareness. But really, it just sort’ve freaks me out.
No one likes the idea of disasters, yes they are nessicary to prep for, but can we NOT relate it to zombies please. I’m already having nightmares.
So in this instance, I’ve decide to get ready for the zombie takeover. And I had to pick the Vinglers that would help take care of me if there was a zombie takeover.
Here’s my zombie survival team:
The Fast One - @DaniVO this girl is into running and also games where you run away from zombies already. So she’s pretty much the perfect candidate.
The Confident One - @InPlainSight I feel like would already have a plan or a place to go. Plus he already live in Australia and has to deal with spiders there. Which is almost as scary as zombies.
The Badass One - @smnthcarter773 is probably the most badass person I know. I have a feeling that she’d be able to kick a zombie’s butt.
Take that, governor of Kansas! I got my team all assembled. Now we just need a bunch of survival items.

Who would be on your survival team?

(Tag them in the comments)
Hmmmmm my zombie survival team would be YOU! @nicolejb because you're ingenuity would come in handy, @alywoah because she's got strength! and hmmmmm.....@JPBenedetto because she's a firewoman and can kick major ass!
I can crush zombie skulls with my deflated arm muscles.
oh duh! I would want @alywoah on my team too. she seems like she could kick some zombie BUTT. oh man @JPBenedetto! I didn’t know that about you!
You girls crack me up...hahaha. I still know how to swing an axe, I'm sure it could come in handy. I would just be the one to keep everyone fed and on top of their game. 💜 you girls, you make me smile - @TessStevens @Nicolejb
oh hell yeah! Maybe the three of us can join forces and become the ultimate zombie fighting army! @JPBenedetto @TessStevens hahaha I’m sure they aren’t as deflated as you think @alywoah!