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Who's got time for a healthy breakfast anymore? YOU, that's who! Give one of these super-easy, super-healthy suggestions a try. They're on-the-go friendly, and they won't break the bank (because not all of us aspiring health nuts can afford to shop at Whole Foods... hem hem).

Almond Butter & Banana on Whole Grain Toast

With a sprinkle of nuts and even chopped dark chocolate for extra yummy!

Fruit and Greek Yogurt Parfait

Simply layer it up and you're good to go. Sprinkle on some sunflower and flax seeds for extra protein!

Avocado Toast with An Egg

It only takes 5 minutes to toast a slice of multigrain bread and fry an egg. Don't forget a dash of hot sauce! :D

Muesli with Fresh Fruit and Pumpkin Seeds

No heating necessary! Simply add almond milk and allow to sit for five minutes or so to allow the cereal to soften.
There you have it, super-healthy breakfasts packed with long-lasting energy! And they don't take more than 5 minutes to make.

Which one's your favorite? :D

If you know somebody who's trying to balance health and a busy schedule, be sure to share it with them!!
That is something different @Julitta1207 I will have to try that with the sweet potato. Most mornings I have banana & mango in yoghurt with ice. I put raw acai berry in.
Every morning I blend milk with bananas and sweet potatoes. Sometimes I add the others such as cinnamon powder, cacao's! It is very nutritious and filling! This drink helps me stay healthy .
@DntMesWitQueenB You already knew something! Strawberry also great!
Ahhh I HAVE to try that!! Thanks for the tips @Julitta1207 :D I bet you are so healthy now!!
@allischaaff One of my friends is gym trainer! He told me the one. Proportions are important to get tastes and nutrition both. For example, If u put a very small size sweet potato into the blender, you should put two bananas and milk as much as soaking all ingredients!
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