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I'm too tired to cook... but then, what am I supposed to do with all this stuff I bought at the grocery store?
Life is really hard sometimes, you guys.
YES. @ManaRoper So fast & easy to make, so cheap... And so delicious. I always add only half the flavor pack though, to cut down on sodium hehehe
Ramen is your best friend!
Back when I was in college, I ended up getting really obsessed with mie goreng, which is ten times cheaper than a lot of ramen out there and is like ramen for people who don't really love soup. It's spicy, flavorful 'chow mein' style noodles from Indonesia and you usually serve it with a fried egg on top and whatever veggies or meats you want added to the pan. I found a super old card on how to make it lol
the struggle is really real
I tried ramen.. And it was delicious..
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