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A couple of days ago, another trailer for Jay Roach's Trumbo was released and I've got to say, this one looks a lot more intense than the last one I saw. Even though the footage is almost exactly the same as the previous trailer, there was something totally different about this trailer (below) than the last one.
When I found out that this trailer had been released a lot of the movie sites I visited said that this trailer was important because it sets up Bryan Cranston for an Oscar (probably, maybe). But I think it's significant 'cause it really emphasizes the power of the written word and writing.
Dalton Trumbo was a screenwriter who was under a significant amount of scrutiny because of his involvement with the Communist Party. Trumbo eventually wrote many famous Hollywood films even though he was blacklisted by the town (by using pseudonyms or other people as a "front" to take the credit) and to me this is one of the most impressive non-violent protests.
I think it's extremely inspiring and important that this point is put under a microscope in this particular trailer. Trumbo was someone who was compelled to write. It doesn't matter if you agree with his politics or the decisions he's made in his life because you can't deny that he is like many writers when it comes to the compulsion to write no matter what the circumstances are.
He continued to write not only as a revolutionary act but because that's who he was. And for someone who thinks themselves a pretty okay writer, it's a good reminder that maybe I should keep pushing myself in my work even if I find myself in a situation that isn't ideal.
Trumbo will be in theaters on November 6th, 2015