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Madara is in my Top 5 Villains

This AMV pretty perfectly depicts why Madara is a goddamn BEAST.

Like seriously, look at how he almost effortlessly sweeps away hundreds of the allied shinobi army!

That's power I wish I could have. Hell, even a fraction of it. I have mixed feelings about how Naruto ended, but regardless of the actual final part, the ending battle with Madara is something that was done 10000000% awesomely.
What does everyone else think?
The battle with pain is undoubtedly my favorite
@littlemaryk @imTANNERthanU RIGHT!?!?!? Madara is the best fuckin' villain of any Naruto arc to me. he's ruthless, and cunning, and absurdly powerful.
He might be my number one just because of what a bad mother fucker he is.. The moment when fighting the 5 kages he decides to even the odds and make them fight 5v1 against his shadow clones with sussano almost made me shit my pants like come on... Susano on a freakin shadow clone talk about stupid amounts of power and chakra!
10000000% agree hah! What I always liked about the series is the protagonists and antagonists get ridiculously stronger as it progresses but madara takes it to a whoke other insane level. He loves a good fight which is equally as dangerous as he is. He is one scary, powerful and interesting Character for real.
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