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This AMV pretty perfectly depicts why Madara is a goddamn BEAST.

Like seriously, look at how he almost effortlessly sweeps away hundreds of the allied shinobi army!

That's power I wish I could have. Hell, even a fraction of it. I have mixed feelings about how Naruto ended, but regardless of the actual final part, the ending battle with Madara is something that was done 10000000% awesomely.
What does everyone else think?
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this episode was beautiful when he pulled those meteorites out of the space a tear went down my eye a tear or amazement lol
I honestly love this, this validates my reason why my bf can kiss my ass because Madara is awesome lol
I have a question @JamesGonzales when he brought down those meteors is that the same thing as planetary devastation??
i dont think it is i think he just grabbed those suckers out of space @dakingmetri
hahaha!!馃槀馃槀 Awesome!