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If you used the "Add Connections" feature in the last year or so, you may be entitled to 1500 dollars!

WOAH, that's a big payout for doing nothing.
A little while ago something odd happened to my grumpy dad @MattStevens where he ended up inviting like...everyone he know to join LinkedIn, a popular social networking site geared toward people trying to make professional connections. The person you invited would end up getting an E-mail notification, just like any other site. The issue with the feature revolved around a follow-up e-mail that was automatically sent without the initial user's knowledge. LinkedIn sent two of these e-mails without the user's knowledge, and took advantage of user's contact lists. Hence the "lawsuit".
SO. If you're a linked in user visit this website to enter your claim. All you have to do is put in your email and address. It looks shifty, but it's not. This is how internet claims work. This link has been reported in major news outlets around the globe. Check your e-mail for a claim number, and you can input that as well. Let me know if anything comes of your claim. I'm waiting on mine too.

Hoping and praying for that free 1500!

I never got the email about the lawsuit. I guess because I never participated in the "add connections" feature..ahhh.
haha I thought it was too, and then I read this card...thanks for hopefully getting me money @TessStevens and it helps having smart friends
@nicolejb @TessStevens when I got the email, I DID think it was a scam. I emailed my brother with it and he was like "noooo keep that!"
I got one too!!! But it's been reported @nicolejb I wouldn't add this information if I didn't have any facts to back it up lol.
...some weird part of me thinks it’s all a scam.
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