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So there's an app for beefcakes wanting to meet other beefcakes. Kissing at the gym? Eh. But spotting your hottie while they bench press -- I am tooottallly for it.
Jaha is a Hong-Kong based startup and they market themselves as "Tinder for fitness." You can swipe through profiles, but you're supposed to choose according to interests. But hey, there's no rules against swiping based on muscle definition... ;)
So does this mean I can find my next swolemate with the face and body of William Levy?! Does this mean my dreams for a dating app has finally come true?! I am pretty much done with dating apps because they are like disasters in a box....

Buuut I wonder if it would look something like this:

What I'm Looking For In A Partner

My Assets

Your Deadlift Should Be This Impressive

Are You Okay With Dinner Looking Like This?

Omg, swolemate hahaha. I never thought of that word before and yet it's so perfect.
@nicolejb not unless you own the gym
Less clothes, more comfy.
@alywoah did you mean a run/workout and then steak, veges, protein shake, and smoothies? @EddiePozo she's trying to impress the spotter, I guess
@nicolejb @ChriSingularis I enjoy derailing topics :) On the app, though, I feel like it wouldn't get too much traction. The user base would be smaller and very niche. I'd totally give it a try for rock climbing though
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